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Paper & Glitter Effects

Streamer Cartridges

Coloured and multi-coloured paper and metallic streamers available in two sizes: Small: 30ft projection  Large: 50ft projection. Paper Streamer Cartridges are available in: Multi, Blue, Green, Red,…
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Glitter Cartridges

A bang followed by a cascade of glitter reaching a height of 15-20ft. Available in various colours: Gold; Silver; Green; Blue; Red; Purple; Pink; Multi. Noise Level: 101dB (at 5m indoors). Also available as wired…
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Confetti Cartridges

A bang, followed by a cascade of glitter, reaching a height of approximately 25-30ft. Available in various single colours or multi-coloured, the Confetti is made of strips of paper which twist and turn as they float slowly to…
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