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How do I dispose of old pyrotechnics?

For small amounts of pyro (except Plastic Maroons and Microdets) you have 2 options:

  1. You can attempt to fire the device outside at a safe distance.
  2. You can immerse the device in a bucket of water for 24 hours. You should pierce any paper tops so that the water can easily permeate the device.

If you have a large amount of old pyro, we operate a disposal service. Please call 020 8646 2222 to arrange a pickup. If you have Plastic Maroons and Microdets to dispose of, you should first attempt to fire them in a bomb tank outside at a safe distance. If this is not possible, they will have to be sent back to us for disposal. You will need the correct box and labels and use a courier service that will accept 1.4G shipments. Please contact us for details. We can arrange a pickup service, but we may have to make a charge for this service. Alternatively you can bring any old pyrotechnics to either our London factory or our Peterborough factory for disposal.

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