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A plume of silver sparks gently flow down from above, resembling a classic waterfall.

Holes are located at the bottom of the tubes for suspending on a cable/truss.

Please note that the red caps are no longer fitted or supplied with our Waterfalls. If required, these can be sent out at no additional charge AT THE TIME OF PLACING THE ORDER. However, should these red caps be needed without the gerbs, they are available to purchase.

Glitter Waterfall

A falling stream of gold or silver glittering sparks lasting 10 seconds. Position several spaced across a truss for a dazzling stage effect.

Maximum drop distance of 16ft, with the bulk of the effect reaching 8ft.

Dimensions of Effect: – 16ft drop x 4ft.

Silver Cascades

A cascade of silver sparks that fall down from a height. A denser effect than the Waterfalls.

Holes are located at the bottom of the tubes for suspending on a cable.                       


The first number shows the burn time (in seconds) and the second number shows the drop (in feet). The effect is full to a cut-off point given by the drop height, i.e. a 10x8 should not have any sparks much beyond 8’. There is some hot fallout.

Other durations and drops are available on request for Waterfalls and Cascades.

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