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  • DWR install Le Maitre MVS Hazer at Rosebank Union Church in Sandton, South Africa
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    Le Maitre South African distributor DWR has installed an MVS Hazer as part of an upgrade of the traditional lighting system at Rosebank Union Church in Sandton, South Africa.

    After a tender and shoot out specified by lighting consultant and designer Denis Hutchinson, DWR were awarded the supply and install. Denis recommended architectural alterations as the fundamental starting point. To create an airy and welcoming space, a huge bulkhead over the stage was removed which freed the church of having to use trussing as now the exposed roof trusses could do the job.

    DWR worked with Denis to discreetly integrate lighting fixtures into the auditorium's exposed roof and existing trusses.

    The MVS Hazer is ideal for projects like this. It can be positioned at any angle, and has two variable speed high power fans which can be used to control the force and direction of the haze stream. There is even an oscillating mode for automated back and forth sweeping on the stream. 

    Read more about the installation project here.


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