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Le Maitre Ltd currently has the following vacancy:

Electronic Test and Repair Technician

Purpose of the role: To undertake testing, repairs, and routine servicing of Le Maitre Ltd smoke, haze, flame and other special effects equipment.

Key responsibilities:

  • Fault finding to component level of simple PCB assemblies
  • Repair of equipment by module and/or component replacement
  • Testing of repaired PCB assemblies, electrical and electronic equipment
  • Processing repair paperwork
  • Technical assistance (via email and telephone) to customers
  • Capable of working independently

Need to know:

  • Solid fundamental understanding of electronic principles
  • Practical knowledge of basic electronic test equipment (multimeters, oscilloscopes)
  • Understanding of electronic schematics and wiring diagrams
  • Practical electrical and electronic skills (wiring, soldering, crimping)
  • Practical mechanical skills

Location: Le Maitre headquarters in Mitcham, Surrey
Salary: Negotiable, dependent on experience
Job Type: Full time

To apply, please contact Mark Ferris -

Le Maitre Events - a division of Le Maitre Ltd. occasionally requires additional freelance pyrotechnicians from the stage, festival and touring world. Professional pyrotechnicians with appropriate experience who would like to be contacted are invited to send their CV along with a covering letter to: